Muziek die motiveert, een top 25

20. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.

19. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to the feelin’

18. Not Afraid – Eminem

And I just can’t keep living this way
So starting today, I’m breaking out of this cage
I’m standing up, I’ma face my demons
I’m manning up, I’ma hold my ground
I’ve had enough, now I’m so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now!

17. Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

She got her head in the clouds
And she’s not backing down

16. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

It’s my life
And it’s now or never
‘Cause I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive