Slechtste auto’s 2015-2016 volgens Jeremy Clarkson (top 10)

Slechtste auto's 2015-2016 volgens Jeremy Clarkson
Slechtste auto's 2015-2016 volgens Jeremy Clarkson

Slechtste auto’s 2015-2016 volgens Jeremy Clarkson (top 10)

Nu Top Gear met Clarkson verleden tijd is, moeten we het doen met andere media om hem nog een beetje te volgen. In een interview vroeg men aan hem: Wat zijn de slechtste auto’s van dit moment.

Clarkson lepelt er tien op, auto’s die volgens hem zonde van het geld zijn. Hier zijn commentaar en filmpjes die soms wat anders vertellen. Dus: oordeel zelf…

Slechtste auto’s 2015-2016 volgens Jeremy Clarkson (top 10)

De opsomming is afkomstig uit een interview / artikel van de Sunday Times van / met Jeremy Clarkson.

Vauxhall Astra SRi NAV

“I still had to cobble together some thoughts on the Vauxhall, though. It was red and turbocharged and it would be fine for anyone who needed four wheels and a place to sit down when moving out. And now I’m out of space, which is probably a good thing, because I have nothing else to say about it.”

Infiniti Q30 Premium Tech

“I think that’s what the engine does, in fact: turns diesel into sound. Because it sure as hell doesn’t turn it into large lumps of power. Every time I pulled out to overtake a caravan, I had to pull in again because there wasn’t quite enough grunt. So, all things considered, that’s not fine.”

Skoda Superb SE L Executive

“I drove for 200 miles up the M1 the other morning, and it was an endless procession of cars such as the Superb. And they all suffered from the same problem. They were all average. The Skoda has the same amount of soul as a fridge freezer. It’s the sort of car that you’d buy by the foot.”

Zenos E10 S

“I’m afraid, we come to what might fairly be described as the turd in the swimming pool. The brakes. The front wheels have a tendency to lock up. An antilock system would solve all that, but the whole point of the Zenos is that you get no driver aids. I like that philosophy, when I’m on a sofa and someone else is doing the driving, in a race, on the television. But a bit less when I’m heading towards a tree in a cloud of my own tyre smoke.”

Renault Kadjar dCi 130 Signature Nav

“It offers nothing that would make you buy one if you could use a Google car-club vehicle instead. Both are soulless tools. But one is much, much cheaper.”

BMW X1 xDrive25d

“My test car was fitted with four-wheel drive, so you might think it’d have been able to deal with a bit of muddy ground. Nope. On a short piece of level grass it was skidding about all over the place. The range-topping TwinPower 2-litre diesel that I drove didn’t feel speedy. In fact it left the line about as enthusiastically as its designer got out of bed in the morning. With a plaintive cry of: “Must I?” “

Seat Leon X-Perience SE Technology

“I’m grateful to Seat for lending me this car because it reinforces every belief I’ve held about Seat’s cars. They’re a waste of time.”

Nissan GT-R Track Edition

“There is no give. At all. Drive over a manhole cover and you get some idea of what it might be like to be involved in a plane crash. You actually feel the top of your spine bouncing off the inside of your skull.”

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDI

“You know how it goes. You enjoyed a year-long relationship 35 years ago. You hook up again, thanks to Facebook. And she has turned into a moose.”

Hyundai i800

“The Hyundai i800 is worse than that parasite that burrows into children’s eyes. It’s worse than the cubicle on a hot army base with a D&V outbreak. It’s worse than trying on trousers, even.”

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